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The following is a collection of contributed editorial features by Principia to major trade publications which can be linked to below:

Sep-13 Model integration issues persist

Article covering the results from the Principia Cashflow and Waterfall Model Survey, highlighting the model integration issues faced by investors.

Jan-13 Trends in the use of loan level and collateral performance data

Principia's study on the use of ABS, MBS and CDO loan level and collateral performance data covered by Securitization Intelligence at ASF 2013.

Jun-12 More than just the Data

Full results and analysis of Principia's ABS Pricing Survey covered in the Global ABS daily magazine.

May-12 Dealing with Data

Prytania Investment Advisors and Principia provide a detailed analysis of the systems considerations for ABS, MBS and structured credit investors.

Feb-12 The ASF and the Future of RMBS

Euroweek covered some of the main points from the EBA announcement of clarifications surrounding the implementation of the EU CRD article 122a. Principia was invited to comment.

Jun-11 Article 122a Implementation: Due Diligence DIY

This article examines the practicalities of performing one's own assessments across the structured finance business to address Article 122a investor due diligence and reporting requirements.

122a implementation total securitization
Jun-11 Article 122a Implementation: Seeing the Wood and the Trees

Douglas Long, evp business strategy, discusses how addressing today's investor due diligence requirements demands operational control to perform the necessary work across the credit investment business.

SCI 122a article
Mar-11 Structured Finance Perspectives: Due Diligence and Investor Best Practices

Read the full results of Principia's new 2011 Survey from the ASF conference, as covered in HousingWire, Total Securitization, Structured Credit Investor and a number of other trade publications.

Jan-11 American Securitization Journal: Buyside Wakes Up

Investor interest in ABS is back, according to a
survey conducted by Principia Partners. But in an industry known by outsiders more for its hubris
than its humility, many bondholders admit that
they are now ill-equipped to invest in securitized
products. In the post-crisis world of intensive
regulation they will have to raise their game.

Jan-11 Reducing Reliance on Credit Ratings

This contribution to HousingWire explores the US approach to reducing investor's reliance on credit ratings in the due diligence process and considerations for alternatives to credit ratings being considered.

Jan-11 The Future of Structured Finance Regulation

As part of the ECB’s newly tightened eligibility criteria for repo’ed securitisations, issuers
must provide additional loan-level data and, controversially, disclose cashflow models.
Principia Partners looks at the likely impact of the new measures and the role central banks can play in aiding investor due diligence.

Credit ECB Loan Level
Nov-10 Principia Wins Technology Innovation Award for Third Year

Principia receives Credit magazine's Technology Innovation Award for the third consecutive year.

Credit Awards
Jun-10 No one Said Re-Creating Standards Would be Easy

The industry is connecting some of the dots between what has been done already and what still needs to be done for a sustainable investor base to return in earnest.

Mar-10 Measuring the Impact of Regulation

Housing Wire covers an opinion piece by Douglas Long examining the need for a coordinated regulatory response to restabilize securitization.

Housing Wire Structured Finance Feature
Mar-10 Solid Operations

Structured Credit Investor profiles Principia in this in depth interview covering the operational challenges facing investors today.

Structured Credit Investor
Nov-09 Principia Wins Technology Innovation Award

Principia receives Credit magazine's Technology Innovation Award for the second year running in recognition of product developments in 2009.

Structured Credit technology award
Oct-09 Technology Commitment

Asset managers with a long-term commitment to structured finance investments are coming under increased pressure to respond to recent regulatory directives relating to infrastructure.

Structured Credit Investor
Apr-09 One View on Transparency

The interpretation of transparency takes on a different meaning depending on your perspective or involvement in the day to day management of structured finance operations.

Too much information, in many different formats, has made it a challenge at the portfolio management level to interpret collateral information from multiple sources in standardized ways.

Risk and regulation IT

Mar-09 ASF 2009 Highlights Challenges for Securitisation Markets

Principia's EVP Sales Mark Kahn gives an exclusive 'man on the ground' account of keynote sessions and developments of the 2009 ASF Conference in Las Vegas.

Feb-09 Industry Needs To Prepare For Tomorrow

"Governments, policymakers and industry working groups are understandably eager to redesign and reregulate the global financial system.

There is an opportunity to take a proactive lead from recommendations that have already been made and prepare for the market of the future."

Dec-08 The Big Interview

“The barrier to entry for people who need to manage these products has changed across the board. The move to on-balance sheet management has broadened our market considerably: credit investment desks within bank treasuries, opportunistic distressed debt funds and insurance companies with investment portfolios they need to manage. Before they either relied on internal development - databases they built themselves - or their existing treasury systems. The market needs what we've been providing for years.”

Nov-08 Preparing to Pounce

Principia is one vendor that has updated its offering in an attempt to address such demands, by introducing Principia SFP V6. The offering is expected to be implemented by a range of organisations - managers within bank treasuries, off-balance sheet operations and investment funds, and especially those that have to quickly adapt themselves to the new environment.

Nov-08 Principia Wins Technology Innovation Award

“Principia’s operational processing platform is designed for structured finance institutions who are required to have on-demand sophisticated portfolio management and portfolio risk reporting for their structured credit investments..."

Aug-08 Seeking Sophistication

“But investors will not be given mandates to invest in this area unless they have the appropriate controls and sophisticated risk management techniques in place.“

Jun-08 Inside Guide: Credit Derivative Product Companies

“Effective capture and storage of data in such a way that it can be used to ensure compliance with trading limits and operational guidelines is at the heart of a CDPC’s operational requirements.“

May-08 Back to Basics: Asset Portfolio Management

“The only way to manage this change effectively and make the most out of new opportunities will be to have a strong and flexible operational infrastructure securely in place. “

Feb-08 A Transparent Approach To Structured Finance

“ ... moving the market towards increased risk management and surveillance of structured finance portfolios, whether on or off balance sheet.”
Jan-08 Transparency In Sight (pdf)
"... will push more players to make a firmer commitment to improving systems, compliance, standardisation and increasing the level of detail provided to the investor base."
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